January Report Monthly Report

2017 was a wild year full of lots and fun and growth.

2018 has so much potential within it!

I would love to have this monthly report be helpful to parents and youth coming to Calvary Temple Brandon youth group whether in the GAP or Focus program. 

Here are our schedules for the next two months of topics


Jan 10th- The Story of David & Goliath

Jan 17th- The Story of David & Saul

Jan 24th- The Story of David & Bathsheba

Jan 31st- BYOL

Feb 7th-Relationships (Dating)

Feb 14th-Relationships (Friendship)

Feb 21st-Relationships (Family)

Feb 28th- BYOL


The BYOL lessons are based off of hot topics occuring in the world at that time. If you are interested in the possibility of what these may be please look into the Culture Translator on axis.com ! This is a great resource that is available, and I would encourage each one of you to take a look at!



Jan 10th- Worship Night

Jan 17th- Kayla's Story

Jan 24th- Scott's Story

Jan 31st- Living Online(Social Media)

Feb 7th-Can I Ask that? (Relationships)

Feb 14th-What is Love?

Feb 16th-Feb 18th- Youth Quake

Feb 21st-Jesus Changes Everything (New Self)

Feb 28th- Jesus Changes Everything (New Relationships)


If you have any questions please feel free to come and talk to me I'd love to meet with you!